Too young for deodorant?

Too stink or not to stink…that’s the issue.

Being a Mom comes with lots of decision making…not to mention a lot of stress! We all know what happens when we stress out and then we sweat. Growing up my parents always taught me the importance of having good hygiene. But after you get a certain age, no matter how many showers we take, we soon deal with sweating and yes…we STINK! I was so concerned when my daughter which is 6 years old came home from playing hard at school and she had some arm pit odor. I didn’t want my daughter to get self conscious about herself so I didn’t make a huge deal about it. Let’s face it people…kids can be cruel and after you are known for the stinky kid in class it will follow you throughout the rest of your school years and I have seen it last longer than that! So I started researching it and it surprised me how many parents was speaking on this topic. It seems to me that my daughter and evidently other children are starting to mature and develop faster these days. I mean to be honest my daughter already has bras because well…she needs one. But I am so worried about using deodorant on a kid. I mean to think about it, just last year she was learning how to read, and now she needs deodorant!! I have such a difficult time wrapping my head around that. All though it seems too early for her I was finding that they actually make it for kids that age. This was just new to me. I have always been told that if you start wearing deodorant then it will make you stink. Have you heard that? I don’t know how true that statement is but I know it’s time to start letting my daughter wear it. I have no other option except to just do nothing and that’s not going to happen. I have noticed that she is definitely self conscious about the changes that her small body is going through. (She is a lot like myself when it comes to certain things) She is very…how do I put this, backwards so to speak. Many kids like to do grown up things such as shaving and wearing jewelry and wearing perfume/cologne and such, not her! She would socially die if someone at school found out that she wears deodorant. So I went on the internet and browsed many sites about what brand to buy and I saw some good reviews on some. There are two top ones that I considered buying…one is called PIT PASTE. This is a “natural” paste that comes in a jar and is applied by rubbing a pea size amount on your finger and rubbing under your arms until it soaks into your has some really great reviews and yes like many other products, there are some bad. The main concern that people are having is that it does have baking soda in it and some people do have a sensitivity to this ingredient. The other contender is a stick deodorant from Growing natural or something like that and it has awesome reviews! I didn’t see any bad reactions to this deodorant at all. It comes in different scents for girls and boys. I think the one that I saw was sweet pink. It’s a light sweet smell that isn’t very over powering and is effective all day. They have these products on Amazon and I’m sure they have the website for the direct product you’re interested in. I am ordering the stick deodorant from the Growing Natural. I will do an update on how this product works for my daughter if you want my honest opinion. And I’m not 100% positive on the actual company name of this product but I will include it in the comment section once I finish the blog. If you are interested in finding the right deodorant for your child just do your homework and do as much research as you possibly can. Like I said I will be doing a review on the product that I receive and I will update you with the results. What kind of deodorant do you use for your child?



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